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New Jersey Fox Removal Methods in northern NJ

Foxes are more common in North America and can cause many diseases. Foxes can vary in color from orange, red and gray. Red foxes are quite similar to dogs in appearance but they normally have large ears. The normal weight of these foxes can vary from 4 to 7 Kg. The gray foxes have relatively less weight as compared to red foxes and their weight ranges from 3 to 6 Kg. Gray foxes have longer hairy tails.

Red foxes are normally found in North America while Gray foxes are present in southwestern parts of United States. These foxes normally eat rabbits, birds and some fruits. These foxes can smell and detect their prey. Red foxes hunt more and bury the remaining food in caches for later use.

Foxes can cause very serious problem and can damage a lot. However, it is very difficult to detect the damage because these foxes carry their prey from kill site to some another site. Foxes can normally take only small animals by attacking their throat.

In many states of the United States, including Jersey City Wildlife Pest Control, it is allowed to take down the foxes for the safety of your property. However several state agencies are also trying to control the foxes.

With wired fences you can exclude red foxes. You can construct a wire fence by burying it 1 to 2 feet in the ground and the opening of the fence should be less than three inches. It will really help you in getting rid of red foxes. But some foxes can even climb a fence, so it is better to have a roof of net at the top.

You can also avoid foxes by using some noise making device but the foxes will soon adapt to it. So it will provide safety only for a short time. Flash lights can also be used to avoid foxes. It is better to use a noise making device with a flash lighting to avoid foxes for a long time. Dogs can also be trained to execute foxes but the execution is totally dependent on the dog training.

Sodium Cyanide is a toxic which can be used against gray and red foxes. To use this toxic you must have a mechanical device to inject this toxic in foxes. M44 is a mechanical device and can be used for this purpose.

You can also remove foxes by shooting them. Shooting is allowed in many states of the United Sates. For shooting purpose a high powered riffle is used and shooting is done from a vehicle at night. However for this purpose you should have good shooting skills and it is very time consuming. DEN-CO-FUME can also be used for fox control. It is a carbon monoxide producing cartridge which is available at animal control technologies. But this method is very costly. Trapping the foxes is also a good fox removal method. But it needs a lot of expertise and a good location for trapping.

Den hunting is another option for fox removal. In this way damage can be eliminated fully. But for this you have to locate the den, by observing the activities of the foxes. Foxes normally come out of the Den in early morning and evening hours. So it is the best time to locate the den. Foxes normally leave signs behind them. These signs can be feathers, bones and hairs. You just have to track these signs and it will take you to the den.

From a very long time scientists are trying to develop such agent which will be able to control the breeding of foxes. If they succeed, the problem of foxes can be solved very easily but at this time it is too early to say anything about it.

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