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Do Animals Chew on Water Pipes?

Certain wild animals like squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons are very good at finding their way into human habitats like houses and office buildings. These animals have survival as their first priority, so they are always on the search for food and a safe place to live. There are a lot of hazards that come along with harboring a Jersey City animal in your house. Rodents are particularly dangerous animals because they like to gnaw on the structures of the house as well as the electric wires.

Why the animals chew
Rodents have a history of chewing. The most obvious reason why the animals chew is because their teeth continuously grow. Just like cats’ claws that grow very fast or the human fingernails, the New Jersey rodents’ incisors grow very fast and therefore to keep them in place they have to gnaw.

Water pipes in the house
Depending on the place where the rodents are staying, maybe the attic or the basement where the pipes are running through to the house, the rodents will occasionally pay a visit to the pipes and cause some harm. Water pipes are at a very great risk of being chewed by these rodents. If the pipes are made of plastic, than they could very well be destroyed. The pipes that are made of metal stand a better chance of withstanding this destruction. There could be a lot of damages that could come as a result of water pipes being chewed on by the Jersey City rodents. Some are very hazardous depending on the quantity of water running through the pipes. Consequently, these damages will cause more harm in the house, and so you need to be very careful with them.

Risk of water pipes being destroyed
There are very many risks associated with water pipes being destroyed. The risks however vary depending on the amount of water running through the pipes. Here are the possible risks:
• Water shortages in the house. Due to the destruction of the pipes, there could be shortages of water in the house due to leakages where the rodents have caused a puncture.
• Loss of water in the house. Cutting through the pipes might disconnect the water systems in the house. The result of this is that there will be a temporary loss of water for a period of time before you fix it.
• Damage to the ceiling. The ceiling would be damaged as a result of water flooding in the ceiling. This means that the ceiling would become very weak and at any moment could collapse.
All these are possible risks that would happen as a result of the rodents damaging the water pipes. There is a need to conduct a thorough check in the places where you know the New Jersey rodents could be and inspect the damages they might have caused. Also regularly check the water pipes and replace the damaged ones.

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